"Billy Graham is known for saying "The Bible says...", often 30 to 50 times in his sermons, for over 50 years. And, God, honoring His Word, convicted and redeemed individuals in the audiences, heart by heart, person by person, lives changed forever. This is the power of the God who speaks by the power of the Holy Spirit through His Word, the Holy Bible. This film, The God Who Speaks – Tracing the Evidence for Biblical Authority, is a masterpiece reflecting the true lineage, character, and efficacy of the Word of God. Every person, whether secular, of another faith, or a follower of Jesus, will be enlightened seeing this documentary."

- Tom Phillips, vice president, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“This film makes a clear case for the divine authority of the Bible that will encourage believers and challenge the skeptics. Every church in America needs to see this.”

- Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor, First Baptist Church Dallas, TX

"The God Who Speaks is both an inspiring and informative film. It speaks eloquently and convincingly to the trustworthiness of the Bible’s truth claims. I cannot imagine any Christian not being greatly edified by this film. Non-believers will find its arguments compelling. AFA has done a great service to the Kingdom by producing this film. It will be a tremendous resource to encourage Christians both to defend their faith and to equip them to do so more effectively. Watch this film. Have your church watch this film. Anyone who will sit still long enough, have that person watch this film."

- Dr. Richard Land, president, Southern Evangelical Seminary

"This film is visually striking and beautiful, it is intellectually powerful and it is spiritually moving. We watched it with my four children ages 8 to 16 and we were all moved by its powerful content. Parents need to understand this film and its life changing content could make the difference in whether your son returns from college as a new atheist or as the Christian you raised. This film is unquestionably the finest resource ever produced on the topic of the authority of scripture. It is both beautiful to eye but also powerful to the mind."

- John Stemberger, president, Florida Family Policy Council

"Every follower of Jesus needs to watch The God Who Speaks. We live in a day when faith is under fire, and we must know what we believe and why we believe it. This film shows clearly the authority and authenticity of the Scriptures. It will instruct and confirm the great truths that God has given us."

- Sammy Tippit, founder and president, Sammy Tippit Ministries

"The God Who Speaks―Tracing the Evidence for Biblical Authority is both inspiring and informative. It is a resource that you will want to view over and over again to recapture all the insightful research substantiating the authority of God’s Word. I highly recommend it as an apologetic for the skeptic, a discipleship source for the new believer, and a reaffirmation for those who have been listening to God’s voice through Scripture for many years. You will be blessed!"

- Kay Horner, executive director, Awakening America Alliance

“The God Who Speaks is as visually moving as it is spiritually impactful. I cannot think of a more important film today than this in an era of spiritual relativism and confusion in our culture and our churches. This presentation affirms that Christianity still withstands all the criticisms man can throw at it. We have a logical, rock solid, living faith founded upon unshakable truths. I encourage families and churches to watch this compelling new movie like a hungry student before some of Christianity’s greatest professors today.”

- Micah Clark, executive director, American Family Association of Indiana