The God Who Speaks Sunday School Kit is an 8-week video study that explores the topics of biblical authority and reliability using never-before-seen footage from the documentary The God Who Speaks. Guided by director M.D. Perkins, the Sunday School Kit is intended to be a helpful resource in strengthening our confidence in the authority of God’s Word. Each session runs around 30 minutes and includes suggested discussion questions.


Host M.D. Perkins, director of The God Who Speaks, gives a brief overview of the format and content of the study.


Session 1 – The Speaking God – Discussion Questions

God can be known. When He speaks, we learn specifically who He is and what He’s like. His character, nature, and divine will are seen across the pages of Scripture. But why would God speak to us in the first place?


Session 2 – Writing the Bible – Discussion Questions

The Bible is utterly unique from other ancient books. Despite being an anthology covering a broad span of history and a multitude of human authors, the Bible proves to be more than just a historical document. But how do we know it is the Word of God?


Session 3 – Manuscript Evidence – Discussion Questions

Over the years, many skeptics have claimed that the ancient manuscripts of the Bible are full of errors. They say that there is no way of knowing what the Bible originally said and that Christians are foolish to continue to insist that the words of Scripture should be trusted. How can we confirm the Bible’s reliability?


Session 4 – The Word Made Flesh – Discussion Questions

Jesus is the central figure of Christianity and the pinnacle of God’s revelation. When He speaks, His words have the very authority of God the Father. But Jesus never diminished the Scripture that came before him. How do we understand God’s revelation in light of Christ’s fulfillment?


Session 5 – The Canon of Scripture – Discussion Questions

Because the Bible was written by numerous authors in a variety of times and places, it has led some people to speculate about the role of church councils in deciding what books would be included – and excluded – from our Bible. How certain can we be that the 66 books of the Old and New Testament are all that God intended for us to have?


Session 6 – Understanding the Bible – Discussion Questions

The Bible is a complex and sometimes daunting book to understand. Because it has often been abused and misunderstood, it has led some people to claim there is no authoritative meaning in the text. How can the Bible be truly understood?


Session 7 – Battles for the Bible – Discussion Questions

The authority of the Bible has always been attacked. Church history is full of examples – both good and bad – of how Christians have handled the challenges that have arisen within the church. But what can we learn today from the battles of yesterday?


Session 8 – Drifting from the Word – Discussion Questions

It is not enough to simply affirm the Bible’s truthfulness. God intended for us to know Him and walk with Him. What does it look like when we drift from the authority of the Word and how do we return?